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Blending Sales and Service – Part 2

November 6, 2012

In building off my previous post of the first benefit in combining your sales and service teams, today’s benefit we’ll discuss is increased customer loyalty.  When we think about customer loyalty its more than just having repeat customers, it’s about customers choosing your business versus other options without considering cost or convenience.  They simply believe that doing business with your company adds so much value to their life that they are not concerned with other options.  Think about how Apple has done this.  Recently with the launch of the iPhone5 I passed the Apple store at the mall and noticed about 50 people waiting the turn to purchase the new phone.  obviously, this was not the most convenient option and most likely not the least expensive.

So how does Apple do it?  They allow their sales representatives to provide solutions to their customers without constant sales pressure.  When you cross train your sales and service functions you empower your people to become fully engaged with the customer, not focusing on meeting quota or putting out the next customer service fire.  Your employees will all have the same goal in mind; provide a solution to each customer interaction that increase customer satisfaction.  Your customers will benefit by knowing that any employee can handle their unique situation, regardless if its to purchase a new product or resolve a billing problem.  The customer will also feel that each solution you provide will be to their benefit and not only the benefit of the bottom line.

When a customer feels you have their best interest in mind, then they begin to trust you.  Developing trust in your company is the first step in becoming loyal to your company.  Combining your sales and service teams will create a culture of customer satisfaction and satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers.

To recap, below are the two benefits we’ve discussed so far.

Six benefits of combining sales and service:

1. Improved Customer Experience

2. Increase Customer Loyalty

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