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Blending Sales and Service – Part 4

November 9, 2012

Today we’ll discuss the final two benefits of blending sales and service in your contact center.

Improved understanding of the customer

By having the same group handle both new business and customer service you’ll gain a better understanding of your customer’s needs.  Your front line agents as well as the data you gather from your CRM will reveal problems with products and services, what customers are asking for that you currently don’t offer, customer expectations regarding your offerings, as well as problem offerings that receive multiple complaint contacts from customers.  This data combined with your regular sales data like, who your best customers are and which offerings are most profitable can provide great insight into your business.  Now sure we can get all that information without blending the groups, but the data can become foggy with different groups sharing their findings as well as the potential for conflicts of interest based on departmental objectives.  In a blended sales and service environment the voice of the customer becomes the focus of the organization.  This leads right into the last benefit better organizational communication.

Along with a better understanding of your customer through reporting data and front line feedback, you’ll be able to quickly communicate information across the organization.  In order to develop true voice of the customer focus an organization must be able to quickly exchange ideas and feedback with various stakeholders; such as marketing, R&D, training, and senior leadership.

Blending the functions of sales and service is a key strategy in driving organizational results while remaining customer focused.  Below is a recap of the 6 benefits we’ve discussed during this 4 part series.

1. Improved Customer Experience

2. Increased Customer Loyalty

3. Increased Revenue

4. Reduced Cost

5. Improved Understanding of the Customer

6. Better Organizational Communication


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